10 Best Tech Gift Ideas From 2017 You Would Want To Buy Right Now!


It’s festive season!!!   The best time of the year to celebrate and exchange gifts is here, and we know you are looking for some unique ideas again. Because despite the season, photo frames and wind-chimes are not cool anymore, and the seasonal discounts are too irresistible to miss out!  

So, here is your tech-savvy guide to impress your dear ones with the 10 Best Tech Gift ideas 2017 that are both exclusive and pocket-friendly.

Let’s see what we’ve got here!  


1. Boltt Smart Black Running Shoes


These smart running shoes from Boltt, a new youth-oriented startup for fitness enthusiasts, is presumably the best option to gift your loved one this season.

The sporty pair of shoes are made from easy-to-run durable materials and come with embedded activity tracking sensors. You can monitor various metrics like calories burned, distance covered, running speed with the help of the Boltt App. Such features were never available at this price range which makes these pair of shoes a must buy.

What’s more? You can get assisted workout coaching from the Boltt app that employs Artificial Intelligence to suggest various workout routines. You can directly listen to these fitness guides using a pair of earphones. Isn’t that cool?

For someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on smartwatches, or fitness bands, these shoes are a great alternative.

2. Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset

VR will be the next big thing for smartphones in 2018 and it’s about time you get a cool VR headset for yourself.

Although quite simplistic, this headset has all the basic features you are looking in a budget price. This one from Procus offers a 42 mm wide field-of-view lens that covers more than 100 degrees of viewing experience. You can adjust the distance of eye-to-screen easily, and the device is pretty light-weight.  

You can use the headset while wearing your spectacles (a great news for a nerd like me) and there is an option to adjust interpupillary distance as well, just to make things comfortable for extensive use.

It supports screens upto 6 inches, so your One Plus 5T can easily fit into this one. The best part according to me is that it does have a gyroscope built into it, so for such a price, you can conveniently get two headsets and enjoy a thrilling VR experience with your partner.

3. Noise Ignite Smartwatch

The list won’t be complete without mentioning at least one smartwatch, so here is the Noise Ignite.

It’s a fairly simple smartwatch that features the e-paper LCD screen that allows a long battery life, side-by-side providing a sharp display. The rectangular face is subtly designed for an appealing outlook.  

The watch allows you to track your heart rate, footsteps, and sleep times. You can obviously sync it with your phone to receive notifs and reject calls. The watch is waterproof, just in case you accidently take it into the shower.

For every one of you looking for a budget smartwatch with a heart rate sensor, this is the thing you’ve been looking for. Plus, you get 40 different watch faces to choose from, you won’t get bored of it so easy.

4. Portronics Ruffpad – Paperless e-writer

I am a big fan of such simplistic gadgets and I am sure you will love this one too.

The Portronics Ruffpad is your creativity companion for whenever you get the feel or urge to doodle and scribble. Its re-writable LCD lets you effortlessly draw or write anything on it with any kind of pen or even your fingers. You can erase stuff by pressing a button. You can simply prevent anything from getting erased by using the lock-content feature.

10 inches of canvas space to explore yourself, this durable and paperless wonder is a must have for the creativity in you!

5. Starry Night Projector Lamp

Looking for a flashy way to light up the house? Here is one!

This starry night LED projector lamp is all you need to create a magical star pattern in your bedroom for those bedtime stories. The lamp uses simple electronics to create a beautiful 360 degree light flux around it.

It is powered by three AAA batteries or a 5V power adapter. For a glam-lit party or a relaxed evening get-together, this lamp is a real steal at this price.P.S. The lamp doesn’t have a cool design, so make sure you wrap its base with decorative paper before use. Thank me later.

6. Norpro Cup Warmer

For the lazy gamers and dedicated bookworms who often leave their coffee unattended, here is a breeze of warm air for them.

This classy cup warmer keeps your beverage at a comfortable temperature as you focus on more necessary things in life. The portable cup warmer comes with a non-stick heating surface and can be operated with an on/off switch. Simple and easy.

The design and structure is ergonomical, so you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience caused by wires or spills. If you have a reader friend, or a forgetful couch potato, gift them this to make their life more convenient!

7. Eufy Genie Smart Speaker With Alexa

Smart home solutions are making their way into the market quicker than ever and here arrives a great option for all of you who love Alexa – The Eufy Genie.

It has a compact design that looks like Echo Dot but for a higher price. It carries out the same tasks of home automation such as controlling lights, home thermostat, and remembering your calender, everything Alexa basically.

While Echo Dot is being sold on invitation basis, you can get Eufy Genie for no restrictions at all.

The speaker can be controlled using the Eufy Genie App supported for Android 4.3 + and iOS 8 +. You get access to more than ten thousand online services such as ESPN cric info, Times of India, NDTV, Aaj Tak etc. You can always use the Alexa App too.

On the whole, it is a superb alternative for your techie friend who was wondering how home automation feels like. Nothing beats this one for being pocket-friendly.

8. The New Amazon Kindle

Readers in the house? This one is for you, pals!

You already know what Kindle does, so all you need to know is what is different in this version. The all new Kindle is by far the cheapest e-reader from Amazon with the same 6-inch screen as of the Amazon Paperwhite.

A few things like adaptive light sensor and 300 ppi display have been removed in this model but it does have an anti-glare screen for all kinds of lighting environments. You also get Wifi connectivity and 4 GB internal storage to store a ton of books in it.

Kindle makes a perfect gift for someone who likes to spend a lot on books. You can save them a year’s spending in one go by also gifting them the next-gen e-reader.

9. Xiberia X5 Headphones

The hardcore gamers need not feel left out, there is something for you too!

The Xibera X5 headphones offer a wide range of gaming features for a wholesome gaming experience such as soft leather earpads and an integrated mic. The connectors have three options; one 3.5 mm head for the headphone, a USB connector for a gaming environment light and another 3.5mm head for the mic.

The headphone features a strong and durable build. If all these things don’t impress you, looking at the design will give you all the DOTA 2 feels you were looking for!

You can use them with PS4, PC, Xbox One and even your smartphone. So, a great deal for under 2K for your gamer friends. Delight them with this amazing headphone pair.

10. JBL Wireless Speakers

At the end of the list await the true pacemakers of any party – JBL Speakers! So let’s get the party started with some high quality audio. But I know that your requirements can vary from occasion to occasion, and hence I have three variants for this segment listed below.


The clean, compact and trendy portable speaker from JBL is the first choice for spontaneous parties and the long road trips. The sound output is loud and clear for high bass audios that can be streamed via Bluetooth to this speaker. You can also take calls from the speaker if needed.

The red color model is the cheapest with four other color options for variable prices.

JBL series One Book Shelf

For the parties where every corner of the house needs to feel the music, you will need this 4 inch woofer speaker from JBL.

The bulky boy provides upto 200 watts of amp and 12mm tweeters. The box design maximizes audio output so that you can get real loud real easy.

JBL Pulse 3

For the fans of flashy things among you, here is a top-notch wireless speaker with a 360° lightshow! Among all other wireless speakers, Pulse 3 offers a horde of connectivity features such as the JBL Connect+ and the JBL Connect App.

You can control the lightshow in a number of different variations and the speaker can go for 12 hours on full charge. If you think an accidental water splash or a sudden downpour from the sky can kill your fun, then this speaker has waterproofing as well, to tackle that.


So this was a list of gadgets and gizmos you can gift your dear ones this holiday season without burning a hole in your pocket. The list contains some of the most useful and unique presents that are sure to take your gifting game to the next level. If you have any better ideas or suggestions, please leave them in the comments and we’ll include them in the list!

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