15 Clever Ideas To Make New Year Resolutions Your New Habits


New year resolutions don’t stick around easy. Do they?

Now most people, who tell themselves that this year will be different, give up by the 7th of January or so. But that’s all right! Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem; a bunch of tech innovations that can make those new year resolutions stay with you for as long as you want in 2018, and perhaps even turn them into habits!

We found that from among all the vows made by every new year eve, the most common ones read like:

“This year, I will take steps to save time/money”

“This year, I will hit the gym and get fit! (finally!!)”

“This year, I will explore my creative side.”

And hence, we have come up with a quick list of gadgets and software to help you achieve your 2018 goals!

Are You Looking Forward to Save Money, Time, or Both?

1. Fire TV Stick

Catering to the love of online video content, and the need to watch it on a bigger screen than your laptop, Amazon Fire TV Stick is your perfect companion to bring all your cherished Web Series and Netflix to your TV. It’s a plug-and-play device that allows you to access a multitude of Android apps, games, TV shows, movies, and Amazon Prime Video specials using Wi-Fi.

All of which is also possible if you have a smart TV costing around 40k INR or you can get the Fire TV Stick for 1/10th of the price. Some hefty savings there!  

Check it out on Amazon: Fire TV Stick

2. Dimmable Bulbs

This new year, one of the easiest ways to make little savings is getting a dimmable light bulb from the the best solar company. These light bulbs allow you to control their brightness with a regulator switch (similar to the one used for your ceiling fan) and save on electricity units being wasted due to unnecessarily bright lighting.

New Year Resolution - Dimmable Bulb

This bulb will also take away the need to use additional low intensity lights in your house. To add to it, the bulb is long-lasting and looks beautiful too!  

P.S. You’ll need to buy a regulator switch separately.

Check them out here: Starry Night Vintage Edison 40W Light Bulb

3. Blackt Electrotech Motion Sensor  

Leveling up from little savings, let’s move towards a smart lighting solution for dime a dozen. This Motion and Light Sensor from Blackt Electrotech will make sure that lights are turned off whenever you leave the room. The device also comes with a light sensor which will turn off unnecessarily turned-on lights during the day time.

New Year Resolutions - Motion Sensor
BlackT Motion Sensor

The device is pretty simple and easy to install, and it can control all kinds of bulbs, tube-lights, lamps, etc. For only half-a-thousand bucks (INR), the device is expected to pay back its cost in mere 5 months of usage. Plus, its a cool thing to have automated lights in your home!   

Check it out here: Blackt Electrotech Motion Sensor   

4. Datally App

Although, broadband companies have lowered tariff rates, mobile data plans are still quite costly. The Datally App by Google could be your go-to solution for disallowing inactive apps on your phone to hog data in the background. The app uses a VPN to block all the data that was being wasted all this time under your nose on your phone.

The actual amount of savings made by the app are still in question, regarding which, we will soon be back with a review, but until then, do try out this app to get more data for your daily YouTube video watching!

Datally for Android

5. Amity Smart Power Strip

With a smartphone, an internet router, a smartwatch, a home assistant, Amazon Fire TV stick, and of course, a laptop in your room, it is easy to run out of wall sockets to charge them all from your bedside.

New Year Resolutions - Smart Power Strip

So, we had to find an apt savior: The Amity Impex power strip, which is also a surge protector. It will help you charge all of your devices in an energy-efficient way with its inbuilt smart power-distribution mechanism. Unlike regular power strips, you get two direct USB ports for connecting your portable devices, which is a huge plus. The power strip provides fast charge with 2500 watts and 3 Ampere output.

Check it out here: Amity Impex Smart Power Strip

Getting Fit and STAYING Fit!

1. Boltt Shoes with Training App

How about a pair of smart shoes to get you up and running? Well, that’s what these sport shoes can help you with. They are offered by a new start-up called Boltt that aims to enhance your workout using Artificial Intelligence, ready to help you bust your new year resolutions.

New Year Resolutions - Boltt Shoes

The shoes come with a mobile app that tracks a number of metrics such as your stride, number of steps, number of calories burnt, distance covered and acceleration. All of this data is accessible via the Boltt App which is iOS ready. The best part is that these shoes offer amazing features for a fairly decent price point and the app gives you the techno-motivation you need as you break sweat!

Check them out here: Boltt Shoes with Training App

2. Mi Band

If shoes are not your thing, then you might want to kickstart your new year fitness agenda with a smart band, or the Mi Band. This sleek band does everything from tracking your footsteps to reminding you that it’s time for a walk during long sedentary hours.

It displays notifications from your phone and has vibration alerts as well. Apart from a heart rate sensor, the band has everything you need to track your fitness in a light-weight and stylish way. It’s nearly half the price of the Boltt shoes and easily connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0.

Check it out here – Mi Band

3. Sleep Phones

Can’t sleep right at night? Don’t let that hinder your new year resolutions for 2018!

Sleep Phones are a pair of earphones mashed into a headband. The device uses two ultra-thin speakers fitted in a comfy headband that can be worn while sleeping. The band goes around your head covering your ears and you can play anything from your favorite playlist to sleep-friendly white noise. The smart design lets you topple in your bed while listening to music, relaxingly.

After a workout, or at the end of a hectic day, Sleep Phones can really provide you with a good night’s sleep.

Check them out here – Sleep Phones

4. Philips Somneo

Okay, so after a deep relaxing sleep, you find it hard to get up, right? Can’t really blame you, but we do have something that can wake you up without a screaming alarm in your ears.

New Year Resolutions - Philips Somneo

Meet Philips Somneo, a light therapy alarm clock that mimics the morning sunlight inside your bedroom. The device radiates a gradually brightening light that generates a natural waking response from your body rather than cutting off your sleep forcefully.

It also gives out relaxing sound profiles to gently pull you out from sleep and help you start the day with unmatched freshness.

Check it out here: Philips Somneo

5. Prestige Clean Home Ozonizer

After having worked out, slept, and risen up well, it’s time to improve your food a bit. Clean your pollutant-stricken raw vegetables and fruits with this ozonizer, an ozone emitting purifier.

New Year Resolutions - Prestige Ozonizer

The ozone ions strip off all the bacteria and artificial ripening agents adsorbed on the shell of veggies & fruits, preventing you from getting unwell. You can also use this device to purify meat and seafood. For this price, it’s a great addition to your new year resolutions fitness trail!

Check it out here – Prestige Clean Home Ozonizer

Exploring the Creative You!

1. Amazon Basics Touch Stylus Pen

This stylish, simple and sensitive touch stylus is enough to get your creative side out whenever you are looking to spend time creatively. The stylus is suitable for tablets and 5.5-inch smartphones but will work on any device.

New Year Resolutions - Basics Pen

It’s necessary to mention here that the Doodle 4 Google Contest is opening for submissions on January 8 and it is a good reason why this pen can help you submit an entry or maybe even win a spot!   

Doodle 4 Google

Check it out here – Amazon Basics Touch Stylus Pen

2. Syvo 8X Camera Lens and Tripod Kit

Have you ever tried taking phone photography to a level above hobby? Well, there are many perks on offer if you do so, such as becoming a YouTuber or selling your photos online. (500px, Shutterstock)

New Year Resolutions - Syvo Tripod and Lens

If your phone has a decent camera, this 8X optical zoom lens and tripod stand combo from Syvo can be a great phone-photography enhancement tool. You can capture distant objects such as tree tops, skyscraper windows, or yourself, for a close-up video shot easily with this one

. It has a nice lens-adjustment mechanism with an aluminium barrel, so it might just be the thing your inner cinematographer is looking for!

Check it out here –  Syvo 8X Zoom Lens and Tripod Kit

Photography Bonus

For the photography enthusiasts among you, we recommend this amazing course from Michigan State University; Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing that will help you sharpen your skills to the pro level!

The course is suitable for both the DSLR-toters and smartphone cameramen. You will learn about various photography essentials such as lighting, perspective and editing, in order to click photos that you really admire.

No better time than the new year to enroll for such a course and learn to take awesome shots in the spring with friends and family! Again, you can always sell your photography content on sites like 500px and Shutterstock.

(You can also checkout the full specialization Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR.)

3. The All New Kindle

Everyone’s favorite e-reader is back after dieting and shedding off some bucks, with a new smaller and cheaper version. The All New Kindle will help you ignite your inner love for books.

As a part of your new year resolutions, reading is probably one of the best creative habits you can develop for yourself. It will help you gain linguistic fluency and find an escape from the real world for a while. Plus there is always the added benefit of getting e-books for cheap from Amazon.

Check it out here – The All New Kindle

4. Natural Wood Colors & Kabeer Art Book

Here is something your inner artist will like to look at, touch, and play with. This is a set of 12 wooden pencil colors with lead tips that can be used for everything from stroking to sketching. The collection has a pleasant set of colors with an aesthetic box.

New Year Resolutions - Coloring Set

Check it out here – 12 Pc Natural Wood Colors

Then, we also have the Kabeer Art Book with A4 Size 160 GSM Acid-Free paper that is delightful for all kinds of creative rambling. The pack contains 24 sheets with each sheet costing less than 10 bucks. Both, the coloring set, and these hard bound sheets, are perfect to begin with your artistic exploration.

New Year Resolutions - Art Book

Check it out here – Kabeer Art Book

5. Elevate App

The last on the list is a skill training app that will help you grow your creative skills by playing fun games on your smartphone. Out of all the personal coaching apps, Elevate shines the brightest, with an intuitive interface and some really cool games.

You can strengthen your vocabulary, your cognitive skills, your math, and your memory, all in one place, by spending a little time on this app. Your daily progress is tracked with checkpoints and milestones, helping you stick to your routine adamantly.

Elevate App for Android

Elevate App for iOS

So, get up and beat those new year resolutions like a pro with all this amazing tech!

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