6 Best Smartphones Under 15000 For The Budget Buyer


The best smartphones under 15000 section is a highly rivaled place to be in. There are a lot of close competitors and too many choices to look for.

The key markers of this segment are:

  • 13 – 16 MP camera with decent photography features
  • Snapdragon 430 to 652 with 3 – 4 GB of RAM
  • 5 – 5.5 inch display with a decent resolution of up to 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • 3 – 4,000 mAh battery
  • Average to above average build quality

The above specifications give a fair idea of what ballpark we are talking about. If you too are looking for these features, you will find them in the below mentioned best smartphones under 15000.

We have made this list based on what you expect from your phone rather than how heavily loaded they are. Not everyone needs the same things from the same smartphone, hence we find this approach more helpful to the users. You will most probably find a place in the points mentioned alongside every phone, which tell you for who, a particular phone is made for.

Best Smartphones under 15000 in India

Redmi A1

Best Smartphones under 15000
Mi A1 via mi.com

Redmi A1 is one of the first smartphones to feature a reliable dual camera setup in this budget bracket. The phone’s performance has been optimized for heavy-to-light use and it doesn’t get hot while aggressive use as well.

The metal uni-body and Snapdragon 625 SoC ensure that you’ll get performance accompanied with durability. The major highlight of Mi A1 is the Android One software association which will strive to get the latest Android updates the quickest for A1.

Redmi A1 is for:

  • Exclusively for the budget buyer looking for a durable phone with great routine usage experience.
  • Android fanatics wanting to get hold of the Android’s latest the first.
  • Phone photography enthusiasts looking for a decent budget option.

Redmi 4

Redmi 4 has really shined as a budget option and for all the right reasons. The phone’s mega battery life of 4100 mAh can easily get you past a busy day without having to charge again. The 5 inch 2.5D curved display and the metallic back make up a sturdy combo that is rather fancy to look at. Trust us on this.

The phone is easy-to-hold; its performance is above average for someone who likes to likes to chat, browse the internet, play Subway Surfers and click okay-ish pictures all day long. Yes, the camera could have been better.

There are various versions of Redmi 4 available in the market but the one with 64GB and 4GB RAM would be the best buy.

Redmi 4 is for:

  • Students looking for an everyday phone at a budget price
  • Someone looking for a trendy phone under 15k
  • Businessmen looking for a secondary option

Nokia 6

The phone is a good long-term decision even though it doesn’t have a lot to offer. The best reason being that the hardware quality won’t give up on you quickly. The phone offers a decent camera coupled with a beautiful sound output with; and without earphones. The phone looks and feels premium, to say the least, in this price bracket.

If you use your phone to listen to music a lot, click pictures, multi-task averagely, stay active on social media, and all you want is a lasting phone, this is your best deal. Android fans can rejoice over the promised Oreo update for Nokia 6.

Nokia 6 is for:

  • Office goers looking for a stylish phone
  • Students who often drop their phones
  • Multimedia and social media fanatics

Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 is the most loaded phone of the 2017 best smartphones under 15000. From fingerprint scanner to fast charge, the phone has pretty much everything. Snapdragon 625 stands out for its performance advantage over others in the list and makes the stock Android UI experience pretty fast. You even get a front flash for better selfies and a great rear camera with special features from Motorola.

The phone has a few heating issues which will be a put-off for aggressive users. Otherwise, the phone will suit almost every kind of buyer, no matter if you’re a phone-photographer or an all-day gamer.

In terms of price, G5 Plus is the better deal than G5S Plus.

Moto G5 Plus is for:

  • Performance lovers who want a fast phone
  • College-goers looking to steal a deal with a youth-oriented phone
  • Pretty much anyone who is looking for a decent phone for the next 6-10 months

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Samsung with all its intelligence has given J7 Prime some stand-apart features with lag-free multitasking capabilities and a better camera. The phone comes with S Power Planning Feature that lets you save battery on the go by prioritizing certain functionalities. Then there is something called Secure Folder which lets you save files and apps in a fingerprint locked space.

Samsung has also done some efforts to reduce bloatware to make a faster phone and the same can be seen in J7 Prime. The overall look is the same-old-boring Galaxy trademark rectangle but with narrower bezels. The camera has an f/1.9 aperture for some great photos in all lights.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is for:

  • Businessmen who need a longer battery and a subtle performance
  • Office goers with on-the-go needs like text and multimedia editing apps
  • Performance users looking for a budget option

LeEco Le2 X526

Le 2 has received a good user feedback from a significant majority. LeEco Le 2 offers a great metal build quality in this ultra-low-budget bracket. The phone’s 16MP camera captures some detailed photos and has a 5.5 inch full HD (403 ppi) screen to display them.

Snapdragon 652 is the highest competitor so far that’s coupled with 3GB RAM. Another thing to look out for, on this phone, is that it offers a free bundle of online content such as free movies, free live concerts, songs and a 5 TB worth of cloud storage under a membership program. The UI is LeEco’s own but can put you off with bloat apps.

LeEco Le 2 is for:

  • People okay with using a LeEco made phone
  • Mobile entertainment consumers looking for a content-ready phone
  • People, with audio quality, as one of the top preferences

The best smartphones under 15000 list will soon be updated as new editions arrive in the market. To keep a track on the best option and make the right decision, leave your email address in the subscription box to the right of the screen for instant notifications.

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