5 Cybersecurity Tips You Should Know As An Employer


“There are two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.” – Robert Mueller, former FBI director

According to research, there are around 4.95 billion internet users across the globe. That’s huge! This number includes people who use the internet for personal use, business organizations, government agencies, and every other firm you can think of. 

As the number of people relying on the internet has increased to this large extent, so are the threats that loom over them. Hackers use foul practices to access their information online and conduct frauds such as identity theft, theft of financial or card payment data, and theft and sale of corporate data.

If you are an employer, whether you are an old player in the business world or you started a new business, obviously, you have piles of your company’s information available on the internet. Hackers can use this information to conduct cyber crimes and cause financial or reputational damages to your company.

Colonial Pipeline, Microsoft, and Adobe systems are examples of popular companies that have been hacked. Given the extent of cyber crimes happening in the world today, it is imperative for you to protect your company against them.

Hence, you should be aware of effective cybersecurity tips and practices as an employer. In this blog, we’ll explore 5 cybersecurity tactics to help you safeguard yourself and your business against cyber attacks.

5 actionable cybersecurity tips for cybercrime protection

Enable 2-factor Authentication

Hackers are smart individuals. No doubt, they engage in criminal activities but we must appreciate their intelligence. Those who know the loopholes in security systems and can hack systems of even tech giants, obviously possess exceptional levels of intelligence.

Given the level of intelligence, hackers possess, it is easy for them to decipher passwords. If your company uses password-protected systems, obviously you are under threat.


You should do something to doubly secure yourself and the best thing that you can do is enable 2-factor authentication. It requires you to scan your bio prints or use another security code other than using the password.

This creates a two-way check system which makes your systems well-protected from malicious activities. Hence, you should enable 2-factor authentication in your organization. As it is better to have a little time-consuming security check system than to lose your valuable information by exposing your systems to hackers. 


Backup Your Data Regularly 

Today, ransomware attacks have become one of the most popular types of cyberattacks. Ransomware is malware that blocks your access to a computer system or data until a sum of money is paid to the hacker. Colonial Pipeline, Acer, and JBS Foods are some big companies that have been attacked by ransomware.


Hackers demand huge sums of money for allowing you to reassess your system and data. Obviously, no one wants to get attacked by ransomware and the simplest thing that you can do to protect yourself from a ransomware attack is to backup your data regularly. You can back up your data on the cloud and also store a copy of it in a hard drive that you can keep safe with yourself.

By doing so, you can protect yourself against paying huge sums of money to hackers. If you have your data with you, there is no need for you to pay money to get access to your data. So, backup your data regularly. You should also guide your employees to do the same. If you all together engage in strategic planning to protect yourself from cyber crimes, you can minimize the threat of cyber attacks on your systems.

Install Security Software

This is common and most important advice yet sometimes we neglect it. But, by doing so, we only expose ourselves and our systems to cybersecurity risks. Given that, you should ensure that you have security software installed on your computer systems. Try to get the best antivirus software installed on your systems.


Believe me, the money you spend on purchasing antivirus software will only do good for you and your company. Besides, you should also get anti-spyware software installed on your systems to keep a check on spying. You never know when a hacker might start spying on you. So, it’s best to install spyware.

In order to successfully check the efficiency of your software, you can use multiple cybersecurity KPIs to track the efficiency and performance.

Buy an SSL Certificate for your Website

This is one of the best things that you can do to safeguard your website against cybercrime. The use of an SSL certificate encrypts all the data on your website.

This encryption ensures that the hackers see only numbers and alphabets instead of your data. This makes it hard for them to decipher the content of your data and makes it challenging for them to attack your website. So, you should buy an SSL certificate for your website.

Train Your Employees

You cannot alone ensure the safety of your organization’s computer systems. If your employees don’t know how to protect themselves against cyberattacks, then obviously despite trying your best, you can’t safeguard your company against cyberattacks. Given that, it is imperative for you to train your employees and prepare them to deal with cyber issues. You should train them to create strong passwords and follow other cyber security practices. If you train your employees well, obviously, you’ll take a huge leap in terms of safeguarding your company.


The massive usage of the internet has given rise to cyber crimes across the world. Hackers target businesses, steal sensitive data and charge huge sums of money. Hence, as an employer, you should know how to protect your organization from cybercrimes. The above-mentioned tips will help you with the same. Now, wish you All the best and immense success in all your endeavors. 

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