About Us

Ionizer is an information e-magazine for everyone who likes to read about, use and engage with, Science and Technology. Our generation is experiencing a tremendous change in its way of life. New ways of doing the same old things are being invented each day; some better, some worse. Gadgets that can do a million things at once can now be held in our hands. This is the result of the modern technology which is growing at an unimaginable pace, and here, at Ionizer, we bring you the insights and updates that affect your life directly.

We do this via the medium of the written word, illustrations, and videos. Our content presents a fresh take on the information circulating around the web; hence, our tagline: Information Refresh. We do our best to make the content as interactive and reader-friendly as possible. We chose Ionizer as a befitting name because we work to ionize our audience with a certain kind of freshness; just as a water or air ionizer releases ions to render a certain kind of purity to the environment. The only difference is that at Ionizer, we ionize you!

About the Content Categories

We have broadly classified our content into four categories: 
Software and Apps
Ionizer Ingenuities
  While the first three are pretty much self-explanatory, the fourth category is the place where we get creative with things. It is full of articles that talk about gadget reviews, buying guides and technology hacks, curated to add value for our readers. Then, we have our originally written Science Fiction as well, to explore the innovative depths of the mind. At, last we have a technical help panel named, “Ask Ionizer”, which can be used to ask us tech questions. We try our best to resolve all the queries we receive. Many-a-times, when we receive queries that evoke detailed answers, we convert them into articles to share with everyone.

About the Logo

Ionizer: Information Refresh Our typographical logo simply depicts the name of the website. The “O” in Ionizer represents the refresh symbol used in many web browsers and figuratively describes the freshness we talked about. Ionizer: Information Refresh A short version of the logo, which has been used in the favicon, has the first two letters of the name in it. The “I” stands for information alongside the refresh symbol, depicting the contents of the tagline again, i.e. Information Refresh.