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All In One Office Apps

Many of us need office applications almost every day to edit and view our documents on-the-go. Choosing the best and the most convenient option from among a variety of these apps can be a difficult task, so here is an analysis and breakdown of the top rated Android all in one office apps, to help you choose the best one (for you) with ease.

We have taken into account the major features of all apps and graded them separately to make matters quick and simple enough to get through.

App Details

App Name App Version App Size Offered By
WPS Office 10.4.3 29.63 MB Kingsoft Office Software
Polaris 7.3.12 47.63 MB POLARIS OFFICE Corp.
Office Suite 9.0.8839 42.49 MB MobiSystems


App Rating

App-wise Rating

App Name Net Rating (Out of 10)
 WPS 8.25
 Polaris 7.25
Official Suite 8.00

Although WPS has the highest rating among all, there is a marginal difference between them; therefore, there is no clear winner here. We have mentioned the noteworthy points based on every category of review.

UI WPS Office has the best UI. It is simple, clean and easier to navigate around, whereas Polaris and Office Suite don’t have a pleasing UI.
Reading Reading is far better in WPS Office than any of the two. It is fast and smooth. While in the other two, it is not smooth and lags a bit. Also, the night mode is best on the WPS.
Editing Now this is where office suite performs better than the other two. It has many features available for editing documents which are also easier to locate. However, many features are premium only which can be a pain. The second app here is WPS as it has almost the same amount of features as office suite but editing documents is not a good experience here because it doesn’t work the way it should. For example, a table wider than page width will not be scrollable, making it difficult to edit.
Ease of Use Both WPS and Office Suite are easy to use whereas Polaris has quite a bit of an issue with its usage. It isn’t as easy as the other two and it takes more time to open the document than the other two.


WPS notifies the user when there is a new file available on the SD card which makes it easier to view a newly downloaded file.

Overall, I would say that WPS is a better choice for reading and user experience. While the other two lag a bit in viewing files, WPS is the fastest and smoothest of them all. For editing, I would prefer office suite because it is easier to edit with and has many features available for editing. Polaris Office is not at all convenient as it lags and does not provide a nice UX.

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