Android Oreo – Major Things You Need To Know

Android Oreo

Just like every year, Google has released a newer version of Android OS, and this time it’s named as Oreo – The temptatious biscuit we all simply love.

Some Android versions come with dominant visual changes while the other carry more of the under the hood improvements.

Oreo has brought a bite from both the worlds.

While there are lesser visual changes in Oreo, there are many new things that have been incorporated below the surface. Let’s have a look at what all changes we have got here.

Here are the new features in Android Oreo

Picture in Picture

This is a feature that will allow you to multitask while viewing youtube video or while on a video call. It basically pops out the video that’s playing on your screen and you can continue to use any other app while watching the video in a floating window.

Notification Dots

This is a very simple improvement that will show a dot above the app icons in the home-screen or the app drawer whenever there’s a notification from the corresponding app. You can long press the app icon to see the notification.


Android will be able to remember your login info for various apps so you don’t have to fill out the same again and again.This is just like the autofill option in a web browser.

These were some of the major changes in android Oreo.

Youtube Still

As for the Visual Changes

The first thing that you’ll notice is the change in the color of notification panel which has turned completely white.

Secondly, the change in Settings. The Settings are now grouped differently than earlier, which theoretically should now be easier to use, but we can say for sure only after practically using it.

The Deep Color feature will allow apps to display the colors in a better way, improving the hue with high-quality rendering of images.

There are many other little changes in Oreo. You can read about all of them here

Most important and mention-able changes according to me were

Power Savings

Android Oreo packs some background process limits and background location limits
which are said to improve battery life better than ever.

Project Treble

We all know that the worst thing about Android is the update support. Manufacturers take a lot of time in updating their phones, some manufacturers even make false promises which end up in nothing but disappointment. With project treble google aims to turn things around. It is the biggest change to the foundations of Android to date; a modular architecture that makes it easier and faster for hardware makers to deliver Android updates.

Although, it is still up to the manufacturer to update the phone accordingly; now it has been made quite easy for them. Let’s see how this will benefit the people.

But Obvious, Android O will be coming to Pixel and Nexus devices the first and like always other smartphones models have to wait for a few months to taste this exquisite snack.