Editor-in-Chief; Electronics Engineer; Science enthusiast since the age of 7 and tech enthusiast since the age of 17. My new venture, Ionizer, allows me to challenge myself, learn and grow, as I write about new researches, new innovations, new gadgets; and voice my opinions, both popular and unpopular, about the same. Apart from Science and Tech, I enjoy reading thrillers; and food, with a lot of heat.
I'm one of those people who live and breathe, both science and art; who believe that art and science are both mirror images of each other. When you'll see or read about one, you'll always find the other hiding around in the other. I love how our own little worlds collide with each other and sync and become one. And you, my friend, who have already come this far, reading a part of my own self, are now in sync with me.
I am a Computer Science student who actually loves what he does. Coding, gaming and messing around with gadgets are a few things that briefly sum me up. I found out that I could write as well and to write about the technology that's changing everything around us has become my new passion to pursue. I am nothing extraordinary or out of the blue but I still like to learn, which I deem as one of my greatest strengths. Join me on my ride.