The Best of CES 2018 – Tech That Won Our Hearts!

Here are the top five ‘best of CES’ tech that you should really care about and look forward to.


The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES) concluded on January 12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Just like every year, the show displayed glimpses of the technologies that will be trending throughout 2018.

With about 4k participant companies and 170k attendees, the show had a lot of excitement to offer. Here are the top five ‘best of CES’ tech that you should really care about and look forward to.  

The Best of CES 2018

1. L’Oreal UV Sense

A fresh addition to the world of wearables – the L’Oreal UV Sense, is a tiny UV radiation sensor that can be glued on to your thumbnail (yeah, thumbnail). This little invention from the popular cosmetics brand measures the UV exposure received by the skin, in an effort to collect important data for preventing skin cancer.

The device communicates with your (iOS or Android) smartphone via NFC, wherein an app reads the collected data. This data is then used to suggest guidelines to the user, such as when should the UV protective lotion be applied or, at what times of the day the sun should be avoided. There are no details about the pricing as of yet, but the product will be available by the end of 2018.

2. Toyota e-Palette

For most of the consumer products, the future will be centered around the “available as a service” concept, and Toyota is trying to do just that. The e-Palette is a fully electric and autonomous mobility solution that can serve as a delivery van, a transit bus, an office-on-wheels, or anything that imagination can conceive.

The modular design promises a number of e-commerce and on-demand services to be implemented in the near future, such as a mobile apparel showroom that will bring products to be tried on, at your doorstep. Or maybe a business cab, wherein you can sit and finish office work while you dodge the heavy traffic lanes towards home. The possibilities are endless.  

3. Lenovo Smart Display

The Smart Display is a tablet and a home assistant speaker fused together in an appealingly smart way. If you ever wonder, “What if Google Assistant had a face?”, this device is your answer.

It loads the Google Things OS, which is specially developed to run the assistant interface. Under the hood, it carries Qualcomm SD 624, and a 720p camera in the front – yes, it can be used for video calls. The device will be available in 8 and 10 inch models, costing around $200.

Being part of the Google ecosystem, it can be used to view security camera footage, get map directions on your connected smartphone and to do everything handsfree that you’d otherwise do with your speaker. The device is surely setting the ground for the Sci-Fi future homes that we have seen in Hollywood flicks, it only needs a drone to carry it around now.

4. Lenovo Miix 630

The Lenovo Miix 630, the latest in the series is a 2-in-1 laptop done right. It’s nothing novel, featuring a 12” tablet and a detachable keyboard – you’ve seen many already, but where it does stand out is that it runs Snapdragon 835, that allows a run-time of 20 long hours.

You also get Windows 10 and a complimentary keyboard. The 2-in-1 has been specially designed for on-the-go people, who have missed out on one thing or the other till now. Mind you, it will still be a challenge to run heavy video editing software or games, but anything below that will work just fine. The best part – you get 4G LTE connectivity via an embedded e-SIM, making it literally, the best of CES 2018.

5. Big Format Gaming Displays

Nvidia GeForce has announced the next level gaming displays that touch the screen sizes of 65 to 88 inches. These Nvidia G-Sync enabled displays will be available in 4K (3440×1440) with a very low latency level as compared to a 4K TV.

Game Design and Development 
From Michigan State University
(Free Trial Available)

Apart from being the dream-come-true gaming displays, this tech will also offer home entertainment features powered by Nvidia SHIELD which is an online streamer, allowing you to access services like YouTube, HBO, Hulu etc.

To add to it, the display will come loaded with voice-enabled Google Assistant and have access to a bunch of Android games. A complete Game-TV-Home-Theatre experience packed in a massive display!

Source: Nvidia GeForce

So, this was all that hogged the brightest limelight for the best of CES 2018. If you feel we have missed out on something you like, drop us an email, or leave us a comment, and we’ll be happy to follow up!

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