Best Ways to Learn Vue Js: From Beginners To Pro!


Vue Js has turned out to be one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. In a short span of time, it has gained great popularity among the web developers due to the long list of useful features it offers. I know you want to lay your hands on it already, and therefore, In this article, I will explain some of the best ways to learn Vue Js.

Before we start this you may want to read why to go for Vue js or what are the advantages of Vue over other popular frameworks like React and Angular Js. I have already summarized this in one of my other articles, you can find it here: Vue js advantages.

Vue js has a smaller learning curve as compared to other top-level frameworks. So you can make yourself familiar with Vue within 1-2 weeks. However, the deeper you dive the more complex things you will encounter.

Best Ways to Learn Vue Js

There are two different approaches to learn Vue. First the online approach and then the offline approach.

The online approach is less costly, less time consuming but not so well organized, whereas, the offline approach provides a well formatted structure to get a grip on Vue js.

learn vue js

Online Approach

There are plenty of great websites that provide amazing tutorials on Vue js. First of all, the official documentation of Vue js itself provides a great beginning ground; from installing to empowering the back-end. everything has been specified in details there.

Then there are other options too. If you are a visual learner then Laracasts will be a perfect choice. Generally they provide tutorials on Laravel but Laravel now packs Vue with it. That’s why they have started to provide tutorials on Vue js too. Laracasts made a series of great tutorials on Vue js.

If you like to read articles and want to follow your own pace then follow Coders diaries. They provide great stuff on Vue Js every week along with fiddles. So, you can simply go to the topic of your choice, learn it and use the fiddle to play around with what you’ve learned.

However, if you aren’t satisfied with above options and want little more help. You can simply take a course from udemy. They provide a bunch of great tutorials with lots of informative videos. So that you can learn more things with a little more effort.

learn vue js

Offline Approach

Books are the only useful offline way to learn coding. You can learn the way you want. Unlike video or articles where you’ve no control over it. With books, you can follow your own pace. Here are a few books that will surely help you to learn Vue js.

Learning Vue.js 2


This 334 pager contains anything to everything you’ll need to know about Vue Js. Olga Filipova has done a great job by creating this book that can help anyone to become a UI/UX expert. 

Vue.js 2 cookbook

This one is another great book written by Andrea Passaglia. Unlike the first one, it focuses on beginners. So you may find the topics in more details and beginner friendly way. However, if you’re familiar with ES6 and DOM then you may find it little over-explainative. But if you’re not worried about that, this one will make your JavaScript skills better than ever.

Vue Js 2.X by Example 

If you are a fan of learning through the examples like me, then this one will prove itself to be the gem you need. It contains almost all the Vue js features along with examples. So, you can learn a chapter, solve the problem and boost your skills rapidly.

According to me, the online approach is better as you can learn things quickly. So, these were the ways to learn Vue js and become a good UI/UX developer. However, only videos, books or articles will not be enough. You need regular practice and patience. Hope you’ve liked this one. If I have missed something let us know below the comment section.

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