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Levitating objects with Acoustic Levitation (in a standing wave transducer setup)

Acoustic Levitation – The Science Of Flying With Sound

Don’t you love it when physics makes things fly in mid air using super-cool concepts? Yes, me too! Here’s another example of a stupefying...
artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – The Revolution We Need

At the dawn of 21st century, we are at the brink of yet another technological revolution that will be brought by the advancement in Artificial Intelligence and the astronomical growth of the internet. This will affect each one of us in terms of quality of life and how we do our jobs. Will it be a paradigm shift? We'll see, but it is the revolution that we need.
The Role of Pseudoscience in Real Science

The Role of Pseudoscience in Real Science

Space travel was once an imagination carefully cultured by sci-fi writers and sought out by science enthusiasts, but with time, it did turn out to be true. Same is the case with many ground-breaking discoveries that were nothing more than mere myths at some point of time. We call these myths as pseudoscience; something which is not really scientific but highly seems so. To surprise, if these fantasy stories and false beliefs had never existed, we might never have seen them come true. If people had never made up stories about heavens up in the sky, maybe Galileo would never have made a telescope to really inspect what is up there. In the same way, we’ll see how pseudoscience laid the foundation for actual science to prosper.