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surgical glue MeTro

Surgical Glue “MeTro” That Seals Wounds in 60 Seconds

I will never fail to appreciate and marvel at the ever-evolving field of research, that keeps bringing forth one wondrous invention after another. A...

New Research Reveals A Molecule-Making Molecular Robot!

When Elon Musk proposes that we travel from city to city via rockets, you feel like you’ve just about seen everything, and there’s nothing...
walking polymer

This Little Device Can Convert Light Into Motion

Yes, you read that absolutely right! Scientists at Einthoven University of Technology, in collaboration with Kent State University, have developed a new polymer that displays...
Robot Empowerment

Robot Empowerment for Human’s Safety

Would highly intelligent robots want to eliminate humanity? The question has inspired umpteen sci-fi movies and books, mainly due to the fears it instantly...
Levitating objects with Acoustic Levitation (in a standing wave transducer setup)

Acoustic Levitation – The Science Of Flying With Sound

Don’t you love it when physics makes things fly in mid air using super-cool concepts? Yes, me too! Here’s another example of a stupefying...
gargantua interstellar

Gargantua: Interstellar Movie Mystery

Not always do you hang out on other planets at the far edge of the universe but when you do, you make sure that...

Aeroponics For Infertile And Cropless Areas

We all know that there are four basic things for a plant to live and grow - sunlight, water, air and soil. But, maybe the fourth factor isn’t required anymore. I mean a soil-less farming practice! Yes, it’s called Aeroponics and it can supposedly change the face of agriculture as we see it. The technique has the potential to pull the infertile areas of the world out from the problem of local unavailability of food; that, with simple cost effective set-ups which can work even in snow-covered Canada or sands of Africa. You ask how? Let’s find out!
ISS on Google Street View

The International Space Station Is Now On Google Street View!

Google has another trick up its sleeve and this time it is quite literally out of this world. The interior of our beloved International...
plant inspired flexible electronics

Plant Inspired Flexible Electronics – Bendable & Strong Gadgets

Bendable gadgets and electronics that are strong enough to be played around with, have been the talk-of-the-town for a long time now. Mobile phones,...
Moth Eyes inspire Antireflective Smartphone Screens

Moth Eyes Inspire Antireflective Smartphone Screens

You must have heard from the wise, That beauty rests in the beholder’s sight, and apparently to everyone’s surprise, the key to beautiful glare-free screens literally lies on...

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