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the best phone for you

The Best Phone For You And How To Choose It

Tips and tricks to find out the phone that is built just for you with all the features that you really require. It may not be the latest phone in the market or the coolest one but will make your smartphone experience worthwhile keeping factors like the display, battery life, and quality in check. (Exhaustive Guide)
are your passwords safe?

Password Keeping Apps – Review and Comparison

How many web service accounts do you have? I have 7 that I can count on my tips and umpteen others whose passwords I...
why go for self-taught programming

Why go for self-taught programming?

Between 2016 and 2018, the Google Play Store observed an average of 6,140 App releases every day. While in 2018, India saw 1,200 new...
Android Oreo

Android Oreo – Major Things You Need To Know

Just like every year, Google has released a newer version of Android OS, and this time it’s named as Oreo - The temptatious biscuit...

Why Do Android Phones Get Slow and How To Recover Them

If you bought a phone 1-2 years back, it most probably has slowed down a lot now. Apps take extra time to load, the...

Utility Android Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Smartphones can be regarded as the best utility gadgets of all time with amazing time and effort saving features. All of these features are...
All In One Office Apps

All In One Office Apps – WPS Office | Polaris Office...

Many of us need office applications almost every day to edit and view our documents on-the-go. Choosing the best and the most convenient option...

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