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designevo app review


DesignEvo is a fun-to-use logo designing app that features a simple drag & drop interface. You don’t draw things as much as you mix-and-match them from a niche library of pre-cooked templates and stock graphics. The usage is free but you can opt for high res rendering options and more templates for a price tag. The app is a for-everyone solution, however, designers can specifically benefit from it as a quick prototyping tool.

DesignEvo App Review

Logos are a serious business. In professional spheres, It’s hard to establish your identity without a brand face. Simply because trusting a faceless brand immediately sounds obsolete. Which is why, everyone from a business to a blogger needs a logo.

Unless you’re one of these.  

But at the same time, your logo needs to be aesthetic. Eye-pleasing to say the least. And such logos often come with hefty design costs.

This is where assistive logo making apps kick in to save the day.   

DesignEvo is one such app that lets you self-design logos with minimal design skills and cash. In my DesignEvo app review, I’ll talk about the app’s usability and the various cases of usage it fits.

I am someone who practices design as a hobby, which allows me to bring both the perspectives of a designer and a layman to the table.    


DesignEvo is offered by Pearlmountain Soft which specializes in making photo-editing software. The company is popular for the FotoJet photo-editor app.

DesignEvo’s core function is to make the process of logo design suitable to everyone. Specifically, for users who aren’t comfortable with using or spending on professionals graphic design tools.  

The app doesn’t have any vector line drawing features. Rather, it is a drag and drop solution. You can pick from ready-made logo templates, icons, decorative art, and text styles to put together a design.

The app is currently available for download on iOS, Mac OS and Android, while there’s a web version also available.

Competitors include Canva, Adobe Spark and Logo Genie online logo maker.


The Web App

On the web app, you can download the logo upto 500 px resolution for free by sharing DesignEvo’s website link to one of your social media handles or by embedding an attribution link in your website.

designevo app review

Or you can skip this step and download the logo with a higher resolution (up to 5000 px) and technical support for the Basic plan of US $19.99. The Plus plan offers the facility to download vector SVG files with full ownership of the logo, which is great for businesses, for US $39.99.

designevo app review

The Mobile App

On the mobile app, you can save the logos made with certain free templates for free. If you are unsatisfied with the free templates you can unlock paid niche templates by paying an amount from US $1 to $4.

Making a Logo On the DesignEvo Web Interface

In my DesignEvo app review, the web interface of the app provided by far the best experience. This is primarily because you get sufficient room to browse through the various design elements offered in the app.

While testing, I designed a number of pretentious logos to explore the full capability of the app.


  • The interface is clean and optimally populated.  
  • You can create an account with DesignEvo to save your logos online.
  • You get a number of basic customization tools to add a personal touch.
  • The size of the canvas is scalable from a little square to the whole screen.
  • You can configure logo dimensions right in the canvas and it also supports alignment grids
  • Simple keyboard functions such as Copy, Paste and Cut work well in the interface.

Designing a Logo from Scratch

Initially, I did experience the obvious lack of the Pen Tool which is used to draw shapes and strokes in Adobe Photoshop and the like. You don’t really get to draw anything.

But you do get to drag pre-built shapes such as a rectangle onto the canvas and customize it accordingly. Something which is far less time-consuming.

You can play around with the fill colors, outline colors, and most importantly, the arrangement of layers, which I really like about DesignEvo.

designevo app review

As an experiment, I tried recreating Ionizer’s logo (as shown above) in the app to see how capable it was. And I have to say, I am quite happy with the results.

Mind you, that it was not easy and it did take quite a while in doing so, but at the same time, it clearly is possible to do the same.

designevo app review

Comparatively complex logos will become more and more difficult to create and I don’t recommend such purposes either. Ionizer’s logo was originally designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Designing the logo Using a Template

Further in the DesignEvo app review, designing the logo using a template becomes even more simple. You can make a logo in five countable steps;

  • Pick your niche,
  • Find a befitting template,
  • Change the colors,
  • Pick a font, and,
  • Put in your company name

That’s all.

If you have creative endeavors to fulfill, you can mess around with the shapes given in the template. You can add or subtract the icons as well.

designevo app review
A logo for an imaginary company designed with DesignEvo

If all you want is a generic logo with a touch of personalization, you can’t ask for more. The pick-and-place technique is something that most people would be comfortable using.

As an added advantage, professional designers can use the templates to quickly generate logo samples for the clients to approve. Later, they can perfect it in a professional tool, which will save them time and effort.

The Pain Points

Although the interface isn’t laggy, it certainly gets stuck at times. It got stuck when I was trying to download the logo and it froze when I was trying to save the second logo I created. A simple refresh saved the day though.

It becomes problematic to select a single object in the canvas if there are a number of objects placed in close vicinity. You end up selecting something else and it becomes irritating. Again, complex logos are not suitable to DesignEvo.

On the whole, the performance of the app isn’t as great as it’s usability. The tools work as they’re supposed to but with occasional bummers.

Using The DesignEvo Mobile Apps

During the DesignEvo app review for Android mobile apps, I found that they replicate the same functionality with a mobile-oriented UI. I have summed up their performance in the following points.

Check out DesignEvo in action in the above screen-record.

designevo app review
A logo for an imaginary company designed with DesignEvo.

Here is the final product!


Using the mobile app, like every other mobile adaptation of a web app, was speedier to use. You can toggle through the tabs and screens much faster and without lags.  

Ease of Use

Mobile screens are not so suitable for designing things unless you have a stylus to go along. Although the app is still convenient to use, I didn’t find using the touchscreen of my smartphone as productive as the trackpad of my laptop.

Design Library

On the mobile app, the design library is quite limited. You have to pay to access the full library which is further divided into 15 niche categories. You can pay for the one you want to access. The price is pretty nominal for the number of logos templates you get in each category but it comes at the cost of decreased user convenience of the mobile app.  

Rendering Options

Interestingly, everything that you save from the mobile app renders in 2000 px resolution, even the free templates. You also get the option to save the logo in JPG, PNG and Transparent PNG files. That’s quite an advantage over the web app.

The Verdict

The DesignEvo app review boils down to two things – How picky are you about your designs? And How much are you ready to spend?

If you can settle for a logo made on the top of a template and your needs are not very specific, DesignEvo is the app for you! It can get you a logo in a very less time and within a decent quality.

If you’re a picky person and you won’t settle for a generically inspired logo, then it will be tough to find the best match DesignEvo. I’m not saying it won’t be possible, but it’ll be tough.

Coming to the costs of using the app, I’d recommend that businesses and professionals buy the Plus plan to gain full copyrights of their artwork. If you’re going to print it on merchandise, it’s really important you do this. It’s still cheaper than hiring a professional designer.  

For people who don’t want to spend forty something dollars can make use of the mobile app which is 1/10th price. You might not get a very precise logo as the touch interface is hard to deal with, but if you can spend some time, you’ll end up with something satisfactory.

At last, you can still get a good enough logo for free, if that is what you want. 

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