iPhone 8 Hits Trial Production At Foxconn And All Other Rumors

iPhone 8
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The market of rumors is bustling at its full as we come down to the last few months before the iPhone 8 launch. Like always, it is hard to tell what the actual product might look like.

The most anticipated phone of the year – the iPhone 8, has entered trial production at Foxconn. About 200 pieces are being tested per day alongside iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus models.

Apple seems to be on track with the expected September launch of the company’s latest flagship, the iPhone 8, as suggested by a tweet quoting Foxconn sources, the Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company.

Benjamin Geskin tweeted

For anyone who is planning to get their hands on the new iPhone, here is a collection of various predictions, theories and gossip snippets you should know.

  • iPhone 8 would cost around whopping $1100. (70,570.50 INR)
  • Initial launch would put 2 million handsets on sale.
  • iPhone 8 to come with a 3D face recognition technology as a security tool to unlock the phone.
  • It might also have an iris scanner for enhanced authentication security.
  • iPhone 8 might be called iPhone X or something completely different.
  • The display would be a sleek bezel-less wonder with fingerprint sensor embedded into it.
  • Dual rear cameras to enable augmented reality applications for iPhone 8.
  • The phone would come with wireless charging.
  • iOS 11.
  • 2.5D OLED display measuring 5.8 inches across to cover the entire front of the phone.
  • iPhone 8 might not be manufactured in white color.

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