iPhone 8 – Release Date, Specs, Pricing & More

iPhone 8 render
iPhone 8 render / 9to5Mac

We’ve all been waiting excitedly and curiously for the heavenly arrival of the newest iPhone. 2017 is the auspicious year when the iPhone turns 10. It was on June 29, 2007, that Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, something that no one knew back then, would revolutionize the world of smartphones to such an extent.

Update: Catch all the live updates of the Apple’s Keynote Event here.

Release Date

This year’s June 29, came and passed, with tons of rumors but devoid of substance. However, with the arrival of September, the rumors are back; and this time, along with an actual update. Look at it yourself:

apple special event

Apple announced a live event on their website that will be held on September 12, 2017, at the newly-built Steve Jobs Theater. Yep! You read that right! (From the Inquirer) And what’s more, the rumor winds also whistle about Apple revealing iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

iPhone 8: The Game Changer

It is very well expected that Apple will make a game-changing release for iPhone’s tenth anniversary. (From the Inquirer) For starters, it is expected that it won’t be called ‘iPhone 8’; instead, it is likely to be named ‘iPhone X’ or ‘iPhone Edition’.

The screen size is rumored to be a 5.8-inch 2.5D curved OLED edge-to-edge display. It makes you wonder if ‘X’ is going to be a phablet; but, no. It’s not. Apple is going bezel-less with iPhone 8, so no top and bottom bezels. No home button either; just a 5.8-inch expanse of pure aesthetics. *sighs internally in adoration*

So, basically, the phone itself will be phone-sized (and not phablet-sized) and the screen area would be bigger. The following is an estimated view of the screen sizes of the 7s, 8 and 7S Plus respectively.

iphone 8 renders
Sourced from iDrop News

The phone is going to have a different feel and look altogether from the iPhones we’ve used so far. This masterpiece is rumored to have vertical dual cameras on the rear along with the intriguing screen. To add to that, it is, of course, going to have iOS 11, which already has us all tickly in the tummies since it was announced.

The interesting thing is that Apple has supposedly gone back to an all-glass construction for the iPhone 8.

iphone 8 case

I hadn’t quite heard of it since after the days of iPhone 4 and 4S; and those phones, as far as I remember, had durability issues. Their front and back panels were ‘glass’ and could break rather easily. But, you know what? Apple, in you, I trust, so I’d say it’s safe to assume that the masterpiece will definitely be durable.

All The Expected Specs

Specifications iPhone 8


5.8in 2.5D OLED edge-to-edge display


OS  iOS 11
Processor Apple A11, Quad Core chipset




Dual 13MP, f/1.8, 4K video @ 30fps

8 MP, f/1.6, dual video call

Internal Memory  64 GB, 256 GB
Battery Li-Ion
Additional Features







Iris Scanner

Face Scanning Technology

Rear-facing Touch ID sensor

Fingerprint Sensor

Improved Siri


Wireless Charging

Price & Availability

Well, it’s Apple we’re talking about, so let’s just not expect a price which is less than tear-evoking. *totally worth it though*

The price is expected to cross the $1000 boundary. Yes, folks. iFans. A $1000+ phone.

This recent tweet by Benjamin Geskin seems to confirm the assumption, but let’s see how many organs would you need to sell in order to buy one in reality.
The availability of the phone is still quite a mystery, amidst rumors that say that it’ll be up for pre-order by September 15, and those that claim that it won’t yet be available by the beginning of 2018. All we can do is wait. Expectantly.

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