The International Space Station Is Now On Google Street View!

ISS on Google Street View

Google has another trick up its sleeve and this time it is quite literally out of this world. The interior of our beloved International Space Station (ISS) is on Google Street View now!

For every space enthusiast, The ISS is a dream destination, and now, with the combined efforts of the Street View team, alongside Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, the dream can at least be witnessed in a surreal 360° view.

Thomas Pesquet is the man who worked with onboard DSLRs to get the imagery captured for this tremendous feat. He has spent six months aboard the ISS as a flight engineer before landing back to earth in June this year. It was a tough task, as clicking photographs in microgravity is pretty different than on Earth.

In a post on Google’s Blog, he adds, “In the six months that I spent on the International Space Station, it was difficult to find the words or take a picture that accurately describes the feeling of being in space. Working with Google on my latest mission, I captured Street View imagery to show what the ISS looks like from the inside, and share what it’s like to look down on Earth from outer space.”

Exploring the ISS

You get to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the ISS with little pop-up tags that point out what section or component you are currently looking at. These tags are spread throughout the Street View and display information about the part when tapped.

You can see where astronauts sleep, where they work, where the spacesuits are kept, and more, right on your screen. I don’t know about you but this sure excites me a lot!