Make the best use of JioFi Wireless Router With These Tricks!

JioFi Wireless Router

Got a JioFi wireless router? If yes, then chances are that you are reading this article using the same. But it can do more than just accessing the internet. Here is an article on the best uses of JioFi that’ll keep you wondering why didn’t you know them before!

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1. Extend your Phone’s Storage Memory

Jio Fi has an inbuilt Memory card slot that can be used to store data wirelessly. All the contents of this memory card can be accessed from any Wifi enabled device such as your laptop, tablet or phone. The same applies for your desktop if you have a wifi receiver installed. If not, this little device from TP-Link will come handy.

Due to this feature, you can go beyond the physical storage capacity that your phone allows and store even more data on your JioFi. What’s the best part? You can freely move data between JioFi storage and phone wirelessly.

JioFi Web Admin Login

Go to the link: jiofi.local.html on your device and click log into your account.

You’ll see the Wifi Disk Tab.

Click on it to view all your SD card data.  

JioFi Wifi Disk
JioFi Wifi Disk

2. Easily share files between your PC, Phone and Tab On-the-go

It can be quite a hassle to manage files across multiple devices on the go. JioFi makes it easy by providing a local Wifi medium that can be used to send and receive files over the air.

Just install the Software Data Cable app on your smartphone or your tablet and click on the Computer button in the bottom.

Enter the URL it generates into your PC’s File Explorer and you’ll have access to all of your phone’s data right there. Move contents as you like.

JioFi Wireless Router
Windows File Explorer

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3. Make calls with your JioFi number even on a single SIM phone

One of the best uses of JioFi is that you can make calls using the wifi connection it provides. These are not Whatsapp calls or your regular internet calls, you can call any offline number like you do with your regular SIM. Your JioFi SIM’s number will be displayed on the other end and these calls are free! You will need the Jio4GVoice app for this purpose.

4. Watch movies on your PC from your phone without moving any files

So you don’t want your HD movies to occupy any space on PC but you still want to watch them and they are kept safely in your mobile phone. Using the JioFi’s local Wifi connection, you can sync your PC and your phone to watch all the phone’s content on your PC, without moving a single file.

JioFi wireless router
Air Player App

Just download the Air Player app on your phone. Click on the “Play Over Air” button and enter the URL you get in your PC’s browser.

JioFi wireless router

You’ll see a list of all the videos stored on your phone and you can play them right from your browser.

JioFi wireless router
Air Player Web

All these features make JioFi Wireless Router, an ultimate gadget to have under 1,000 INR coupled with Jio’s cheap internet plans. Thinking of getting it?

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