A List of Handy Internet Tools for the Netizens


Fortunate are the beings born in the era of internet, the so called netizens, who not only use the internet as a tool but who also influence it as much as they are driven by it. But like everything else, being an adept netizen is not that easy as it might seem.

At times, the superpower of the internet needs some taming, and so we thought, why not put together a handy list of websites that’ll help you make way through your life without getting all tangled up in this enormous web of technological screw-ups.  

1. Ninite 

Ninite is an automated application update tool that takes care of downloading and installing updates for some of the most popular PC apps and pieces of software. The good thing about it is that it works in the background and doesn’t need you to run it particularly or schedule update tasks for it. It presently supports apps like Google Chrome, Skype, Winamp, Python, TeamViewer etc. 

Ninite App list

Ninite only downloads official updates from official websites and hence doesn’t give you additional toolbars or other unnecessary things. So, all in all, a very handy tool to keep you ahead of others in the ever evolving web.

2. Isup 

Isup.me is the condensed form of the domain – downforeveryoneorjustme.com, which is pretty self-explanatory. It will check the status of any given website and verify for you if it’s only down at your end or is it actually down everywhere.

Let’s test this out!

I can recall the great deal of confusion we had to face when our web hosting provider crashed around this New Year’s Eve and we were repeatedly checking all sorts of code to find the issue. At similar instances, this tool can save you a good amount of worry.

Everything fine here.

3. 10 Minute Mail

As the name might suggest, this a temporary email service which provides you a one-time secure email address that will only last 10 minutes. You can receive, send, forward emails from this email address but it will be gone forever after the timer hits the 0 min 0 second mark.

10 minute mail

The best thing (according to me) about 10 Minute Mail is that every email address it generates would exist only once, which frees you of the worry that someone else might use the information that you would exchange in the process.

Use it for anything that you can’t care for more than one minute.
Special Instruction: DON’T close the browser window (not the tab) once you have started using it.

Pro Tip: Need extra time? Click on the “10 minutes more” icon!

4. Product Chart

Product Chart presents you with a range of popular gadgets arranged in a map (or chart) like pattern with tweakable parameters (screen size, battery life etc) on the X and the Y axes. You can feed in your desired specifications and it’ll shortlist the closest matches.

Product Chart
Product Chart

It is a brilliant tool for discovering previously unheard brand names or gadget models in the specification range that you are checking out. You can select multiple devices to compare side by side as well.

The good thing about Product Chart is that it contains widely accepted gadgets and not just any random device; the fact might help you in making a wise buying decision. It currently displays smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, cameras, solid state drives, flash drives; and guess what, even 3D printers. Cool enough?

5. Omive

It’s not Olive, it is Omive, a web directory of TV show and Movie titles classified under genres, ratings, actors etc.  It has an easy-to-navigate UI and gets you results real quick.


You’ll even get shows and movies dating back to 1950’s and all of them sorted in an efficient manner. Since I found it, it has become my first point of approach to discover new all-night binge-watching content.

(Psst: It also gives you a few ways to download/stream all the listed entries.)

6. Desmos

Line graph of an equation on Desmos

A simple-enough graph plotting tool that’ll help you make graphical representations of not-so-simple-enough equations online. You can choose from a variety of functions to make feed in your equations. It makes line graphs as well as area graphs for inequations. Math it easy now. *wink wink*

7. Unsplash

This is a heavenly site to get royalty-free HD images for your own blog or project. Most of the images are shot by professional photographers; hence, you get crisp and meaningful images.


As per their license agreement, you are free to download, copy, modify and distribute photos from Unsplash for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without accrediting the photographer or Unsplash in general. On a personal note, I would, however, suggest giving credit to the photographer.

The minimal UI is great to use. The only problem is that the photos are all well beyond 1 Mb and can’t be downloaded in smaller sizes.

8. Instructables

Instructables is one of the biggest DIY project database that ranges from small to big, from art to engineering. It has a huge number of ideas submitted by thousands of creative people and you might just find one suiting yourself on the front page.


Being an IT guy, Instructables has been my constant guide for classroom group projects and some of the summer vacation ambitions. Go try it!