OnePlus 5T launch Preview: A Carefully Crafted Balance

One Plus 5T
YouTube Still / EliTdrone

One Plus’s new smartphone is landing on 16th November and again, the company has made a product keeping both, user opinions and industry trends, in mind. OnePlus 5T can be described as the most carefully crafted balance of features for the flagship segment, that is sure to sell for now. But should you buy it? May be, yes. Let’s see what the preview has to say.

One Plus 5T Specs

OnePlus 5T is clearly neither the next big thing for One Plus, or for you. It is a mid-level upgrade to the existing OnePlus 5 with a few important tweaks in the photography and the display department.


The dual cameras on the OnePlus 5T are rumored to support optical image stabilization (OIS) with 20MP + 20MP resolutions. The front camera will hold on to the 16MP sensor and will fulfill the need of clicking DSLR-ish pictures, likewise the iPhone 7 Plus.

One Plus 5T
Youtube Still / EliTdrone


Looking at the leaked images so far, it can be said that OnePlus will tactically say hello to the bezel-less smartphone trend seen in the top flagships for 2017 – Galaxy S8 and iPhone X. Though OnePlus 5T’s display doesn’t seem truly bezel-less (bezel less phones 2017) but it’s still neatly thin. It’ll also feature the 18:9 aspect ratio that has been equally popular in this segment.


The battery capacity is also being said to receive a raise from 3300 to 3500 mAh with the company’s standard Dash Charge technology for quicker charging. It won’t, however, come with wireless charging feature which OnePlus believes, is not required as it limits the phone’s usage while it’s charging.

Full (to be confirmed) Spec Sheet

Processor Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835

  • Primary
  • Secondary

  • Dual 20MP (f/1.7) + 20MP(f/2.6)
  • 16MP(f/2.0)
Battery 3500 mAh
OS Android Oreo 8.0
Display 6 inch 1080×2160 (~402 ppi)
Headphone Jack Yes


Why Should You Buy One Plus 5T?

The following points make the OnePlus 5T strategically, a good buy for you.

Premium Flagship Features

OnePlus has produced top-notch phones so far. May it be One Plus One or One Plus 5, each iteration has come out with the standard-flagship features of their time, which has been reflected in OnePlus 5T as well. From Snapdragon 835 SoC to 8GB worth of RAM, the phone will make sure that your performance expectations are well met.

Smart Balance

OnePlus 5T has not let go of the 3.5mm headphone jack which is a considerate decision if we recall the huge outcry that took place when Apple, and recently, Google Pixel 2 did it. OnePlus has shown smart observation by avoiding the need of costly accessories to enjoy something as entertaining as music.


The front camera, as mentioned, will now be able to click depth-of-field pictures with portrait mode. This ticks the checkbox on the list of things that you were missing out on One Plus 5, in its effort to beat the iPhone 7 (and 8 too, probably.)

The inclusion of edge-to-edge display makes OnePlus 5T flow in the highly liked smartphone trend of 2017, making up for the little design incompetency that OnePlus 5 had. The screen size has also been expanded to 6 inches, with the width of 75.4mm (iPhone X is 71mm wide), making it comfortable to use.

Highly Competitive Price

OnePlus 5T price in India is supposed to be around the 40k ($610) mark and not the 60k mark which is a great news for the flagship hunters. The recently launched Razer Phone, which boasts similar features is also priced at $700, telling us that OnePlus 5T is sitting pretty low on price in competition.

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One Plus 6 rumors have also started gaining momentum which is supposed to come out in June 2018. Considering the fact, One Plus 5T might observe a price drop in coming few months.

One Plus 5T will be available online at Amazon in the Early Access Sale starting 4:30 pm on 21st November. Stay tuned for more updates!

Watch OnePlus 5T Unboxing by Unbox Therapy