Philips ventures into Quantum Dot TVs following Samsung – IFA 2017

Philips, the leading electronics brand, announced its very first Quantum Dot TV at IFA 2017, Berlin, becomes the first company to offer both QDot and OLED TVs.

Philips QDot TVcomp

Samsung will be sharing the distinguished title of Quantum Dot TV manufacturer with Philips as the company announced its first QDot TV, the Philips 8602 series, that will be available in 55 and 65-inch variants, here at IFA 2017.

Features of Philips 8602 Series

It’s not only about the display. The TV is a complete entertainment package with a 50W Soundbar that will create a clear resonating audio and a sharp 4K resolution. The Picture Perfect P5 processing engine will add to the graphic performance of the TV. Philips obviously can’t miss out on making a smart TV, so it has got all your streaming apps and VOD solutions right in there.

An interesting aspect, called the Ambilight, casts a projection of colored light at the backside of the TV. It sure looks beautiful but we don’t know how will it turn out practically or if it’s really needed.

How does QDot work?

Quantum Dots are semiconductor nanocrystal that is used alongside regular LED screens to produce a brighter, sharper and more color-vivid picture.

Various colored Quantum Dots giving out a separate color for the corresponding wavelength. (Image: Wikipedia)

Quantum Dots have a structure that exhibits the Quantum Confinement Effect. This means that the dots tune the colors according to their own size and the wavelength of light falling on them from the LED backlight panel. They are like a color enhancement mechanism that gets you more color detail in a given square inch.

A true Quantum Dot display is yet to be figured out, for now, it works alongside OLED displays, dubbing it as QLED. QLEDs win over OLEDs due to the fact that they are able to produce more colors at higher brightness levels.