Should You Really Buy Bezel-less phones?

Planning to buy a bezel-less phone? Have a look at these things first!


Bezel-less phones are the new undeniable luxury trend in the market. They are sleeker, smarter and a complete pleasure for the eyes. With the new iPhone X also going bezel-less (Did you miss the Apple Keynote?), the trend has received a fervent approval and we will see more all-screen-no-button phones coming along. But should I or as matter of fact, you, really buy them? Are they really worth it? Let’s look at the following factors before making the decision.

What makes a bezel-less phone a great buy?

So if you are planning to buy one, these reasons should encourage you.

More Screen To Play

The most rewarding aspect of a touch screen interface is obviously the screen itself. An efficient screen design will make the User Experience even more worthwhile. Therefore, Narrowing the bezels gives you an increased Screen to Body Ratio (SBR) which means more and more screen to play on your smartphone. You’ll be able to fit more content on the screen without having to hold a huge phone in your hand, (except you prefer the latter). The screen size among the bezel-less smartphone segment ranges from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches which is bigger than the average 5.5 inch standard. This big screen makes it easy to read text, watch videos and play games with high graphic volume.

The Galaxy Note 8 has an SBR of nearly 83.2% whereas the iPhone X nearly catches up with an SBR of 82.9%. The Essential phone PH-1 tops the charts with an SBR of 84.9%.

Immersive Entertainment Experience

As mentioned, watching videos and playing games becomes quite immersive on such screens. You can notice videos virtually vanishing at the edges, which, before you get used to it, is a pretty amazing experience. Due to the bigger than average size, these screens make great VR gear as well. If you are into watching Virtual Reality content on your smartphone, a bezel-less display is the thing you need.


Subtle Beauty for The Eyes

Almost all of the bezel-less phone screens come with a sharp and clear high-resolution display. This is especially good for people who spend more than average time looking at their phones. According to an article by Hackernoon, a person spends around 4 hours a day on their smartphone, which is 25% of the average daily up-time. So, if you stick to your smartphone more than that, a bezel-less display will be easier on the eyes, helping you avoid headaches and other anomalies caused by aggressive use of the phone.

Unique Features

The bezel-less phones boast some unique features developed specifically in order to accommodate the daunting screen size. Such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix which has the Piezoelectric Ceramic technology that eliminates the need of an earpiece. Furthermore, the iPhone X has the tap-on-screen function to wake it up (finally) , now that the home button has disappeared. Such innovative features will become more common in the upcoming smartphones and should be a motivation for the buying decision.

Why you are completely fine without a bezel-less phone?

So, after looking at all the niceties, here a few downfalls.

Difficult to Adapt to

At first, the lack of bezels will be somewhat discomforting. You will always be involuntarily touching the screen with your forefinger or the thumb. The phone will also tend to slip out of the hand more often which will need you to stay upright in a proper position to avoid accidental damage. Something that puts off most of the first-time users and might as well put you off in the beginning.

Vulnerable to Breakage

Thick bezels actually act as great damage fenders and now that they have been minimized, the screen is so very close to the edge as well as to breakage. In another article that appeared in the Verge; Think hard before buying an all-glass, bezel-free smartphone, Vlad Savov has raised significant worries about the bezel-less design and the all-glass construction of the phones falling under this category.

Just More Screen

If you keep a regular flagship phone and a bezel-less flagship phone side by side, you will notice that there’s just more screen on a latter one. The processor, RAM, and camera would mostly be of the same range. A bigger screen doesn’t always make a monumental difference because the performance, camera quality, and software specs are major factors too. Hence, settling for an all-screen smartphone at the cost of other factors would be a no-brainer.

Top Choices for Bezel-less Smartphones in India

The Budget Choice: LG Q6

The Q6 is a decent all-screen-front smartphone with budget specifications, which is now available for a discount of Rs. 4000 (price drop from Rs. 16,999 to Rs. 12,999) on Amazon’s ‘Great Indian Festival’ Sale.

The phone can’t be appropriately classed under the bezel-less segment but provides a great display nonetheless. Slightly low on processing power and doesn’t have a dual camera.

The Fully Loaded Choice: Honor 8 Pro

Honor 8 Pro too has very thin bezels instead of a completely bezel-less design but has a big bundle of features coming along with it. Fingerprint sensor, dual camera, Gorilla Glass protection, 2K display, 6 GB RAM, you name it.

The Performance Choice: Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 packs the Exynos 8895 Octa processor promising great performance for all kinds of activities. The Super AMOLED touch-screen is the bezel-less variant you would want to have.

The Ultimate Choice: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The quad HD screen on the Note 8 is gorgeous to look at and is slightly curved on the edges. The phone offers great performance and a dual camera with a bunch of dedicated photography features. Despite its huge size, the phone is comfortable to hold. The phone also appeared in our the battle of 8s article.