Write For Us

Ionizer accepts submissions from budding bloggers and writers to showcase their talent on our website. You can submit an article that closely relates to our niche and content categories or submit a guest post for promotion of your own blog/website. We welcome all! If you are planning to do so, kindly go through the guidelines given below to improve the credibility of your submission.


  • To be able to provide us personalized content that has value for our readers, make yourself familiar with Ionizer’s content.
  • It goes without saying that the content should be authentic and without clichés. Avoid using quotes and proverbs.
  • Pitch your article/post idea to us at contact@ionizermag.com. We will get back to you within 7 days.
  • We reserve the right to edit/tweak your content before we publish it on Ionizer.
  • Once published, we own the publishing rights to the content. Hence, you cannot publish it on your own blog/website or elsewhere. If you do, it will affect the SEO results negatively for both the parties involved, i.e., both you and Ionizer.
  • We also reserve the right to not publish your article/post if we deem it unfit for Ionizer.


  • We urge you to add images to your content in order to make it more interactive.
  • If you do not create your own images in Illustrator/Photoshop, we urge you to borrow images from Unsplash and Pexels only.

Content Details

  • The general word count per article should be minimum 600 words.
  • You can include external links in the text that are useful to the reader.
  • The content must be written keeping SEO in mind, in short paragraphs, with appropriate headings and subheadings where required.
  • You must highlight important parts of the content by making the text bold, italicized, or both bold and italicized.
  • If you are using images from Pexels or Unsplash or both, include the links wherever the images have to be inserted in between text. (If you create your own images, we will require you to email them to us in your article/post submission email.


  • You must create your article in Google Docs, share it with us at ionizermag@gmail.com, and also provide us editing rights.
  • In the same email, we require you to provide an author bio of 30-40 words. (Note: Your post will be featured as a guest post. We will post a short bio of you on the article page itself, so please include the details you want to be published within the bio – your name, one social media handle, your blog/website link and a profile picture.)


  • We allow two backlinks per submission given your article exceeds the word limit of 600 words. The text which will contain the backlink will be finalized upon discussion with the Editor (sukhman@ionizermag.com). Alternatively, Junior Editor (virinder@ionizermag.com).
  For any further queries, email us; contact@ionizermag.com.